Ms. Pimdao Wannasakul
CEO & Recruitment Director
U Partner Co., Ltd.

“U PART is defined as our first company establish. Mr. Poomanan enlightens the idea that he wants to create this organization to drive success for people because as I have been working in the recruitment field for a long time, it led me to truly understand their intention. As I have been working in this field job, I know that recruitment is not just the job to seek for the right candidates but, it can lead the opportunity to someone. This opportunity will bring someone to have a better life as well as the organization will have a qualified candidate who can improve their assignment further. So, I decided to participate in the team. For those who want to become our partner and would like us to take care about your human resource management, you can be assured that we will motivate your success and ability to handle your human resource management in every aspect with a variety of solutions by utilizing more than 10 years of experience, together with a quality team from our organization that will become a partner who driving success for you.”

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