About us

About U Partner

At the beginning of the cooperation from new-generation management to the idea of ​​becoming an organization which is able to contribute the Society as a good corporate citizen, with the intention to push everyone as well as the organization that requires us to be a part of the empowerment your success which can lead you to the goal. We believe that human development is important and that we have the expertise of our human resource management team to drive this ideology in own way to become U Partner. Our organization will be your business partner in terms of human resource management in every dimension along with developing people to be successful because your success is our goal.

U Partner is an expert in recruitment field. We are able to find many qualified candidates which are multiple in all levels, and all functions. We are also being consultants who are able to serve all your requirements which are relevant in human resources field as well as the tasks which are suited with your organization such as Human Resources Development, Payroll Systems or HR Outsource which will take responsibility for managing your human resources. As you are our business partner, we will serve you with the best service so you will be ensured that it is worth to participate with us.
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